Motúzová & Lacko law firm
Motúzová & Lacko law firm

Bratislava, Grösslingová 62, 811 09

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Slovakia Motúzová & Lacko law firm

Address: Bratislava, Grösslingová 62, 811 09
Tel.: +421 902 203 238
Tel.: +421 905 68 68 62

Motúzová & Lacko law firm was founded in 2011 and since then it provides highly specialized legal services mainly in the field of commercial law, technology law and personal data protection. Motúzová & Lacko cares about the selection of top experts who provide legal services based on the values on which Motúzová & Lacko is based. Values on which Motúzová & Lacko law firm builds its practice are high quality, speed and timeliness of the delivered legal services. Team Motúzová & Lacko also base their practice on a thorough knowledge of the client's business processes and industry.

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