Litigation & Arbitration

• Representing the Romanian State in one of its biggest investment disputes, an ICSID arbitration, with a value of EUR 362 million.

• Representing a ski- and snowboard equipment producer in an unfair competition dispute with a market competitor.

• Representing the Italian operator of a hazardous waste landfill site in Italy in a comprehensive insurance dispute related to the termination of a policy issued by the branch of a Bulgarian insurance company whose license has been withdrawn by the Bulgarian Financial Supervision Agency.
• Representing a shareholder of a gas transmission operator in a loan recovery procedure (receivable amount of EUR 1 million).

• Representing a Turkish construction company in a court dispute against the beneficiary of the works (value of the dispute: EUR 3,5 million).

• Representing a Polish equipment producer in a dispute with an Italian assembly line producer (value of the dispute: EUR 1 million).

• Representing an NGO in a court procedure against the Hungarian Ministry for Human Resources in relation to EU subsidies.
• Representation of a UK based transportation company in a civil law dispute related to the termination of a franchise agreement.
• Representing a van manufacturer in a litigation concerning industrial counterfeit and copyright infringement. The procedure ended with a settlement in favour of our client.

• Representation of a subsidiary of a German car parts manufacturer in a dispute against a seller of heavy machinery.
• Representation of a subsidiary of a German chemical products manufacturer in a dispute against the carrier of chemicals.
• Representation of a major global truck seller in a dispute against a Slovak purchaser of these trucks (value of the dispute: EUR 1,5 million)